The Giant Cuttlefish

A Giant Cuttlefish

If you have been following my Instagram for any amount of time, you may have stumbled upon my enthusiasm for cephalopods. Cuttlefish being among this family of animals, along with squid and octopus. 

The Giant Cuttlefish is a common sight in South-Western Australian dive sites, growing to, you guessed it, giant proportions (atleast for cuttlefish). This species like others of its family have mastered thier camouflage abilities to the extent of even communicating via patterns, colours, and textures displayed on thier highly adaptable skin. 

To top off thier amazing camouflage abilities cuttlefish and other cephalopods are known to be some of the smartest animals in the oceans. They not only possess incredibly complex brains, but are capable of deep behaviours and problem solving that dwarfs many of our vertebrate friends.

They can even simulate lights!

The diet of cuttlefish generally consists of small fish and invertebrates that are unlucky enough to not notice thier stealthy approach. When a prey item is found, the cuttlefish uses a pair of feeding tentacles they project at the target at lightning speed. Some species are even know to flash colours quickly to lure and mesmerise thier prey. 

Because of these complex behaviours, amazing camouflage and predatory nature, its no wonder why I am always so excited to encounter these aliens from the deep. but how about yourself? what animal or subject excites you to photograph or see no matter how many times you see it.

October 15, 2016