A golden queen searches for a place to start a brood

Ants! Apart from the poorly executed pun in the title this post is about that fun little effect known as anthropomorphism, and its application to ants. 

So what is anthropomorphism? It is the effect best described as the application of human like traits to non human things. Have you ever thought an animal was smiling at you, or an object looked sad, that in essence is the core of anthropomorphism. While its important to not the psychology and its wide ranging effects are much deeper and detialed than what I've touched upon, you have at least gotten the gist of it.  

So why ants? After all insects are hardly everyone's favourite things, but this differs for ants. Ants for a long time have captured the hearts of many Macro Photographers and nature enthusiasts alike. But why? My thoughts on this stem from the application of anthropomorphism. How many kids movies have there been about ants, there's even superheroes who take up the name. 

So why are we drawn to ants? Is it because like us they build vast cities and live complex lives within a larger community? Is it because they are likened to a hard working person at many companies, or their teamwork? What ever the reason it's not hard to see why we apply human traits to ants, with so many similarities between humans and ants we easily see them as microcosms of human society.

what are your thoughts on how we apply human traits to ants? 

Tell me in the questions below.