The Red Stripe Cardinalfish

When diving in the Perth region of Western Australia, it is common to find a relatively lonely fish hovering in small confined spaces, watching larger animals swim past from its vantage. This fish has a deep marroon colour with glittering white-blue stripes. Measuring only a few inches and usually no bigger than a tennis ball the species scientifically named Apogon victoriae is a fantastic macro subject.  

Not too flighty and cautiously curious this fish never completely hides making it common for images to have only a portion of the fish peeping out of its home. The eyes of this species are comparatively large in terms of its body size. This allows it too hunt for the small invertebrates such as copepods and amphipods often found on reefs and rocks in which it makes its home.

The male Red Stripe Cardinalfish is the main care taker of this species offspring. Mouth brooders such as this fish incubate fertile eggs in their mouth until the young are a few days old. While I haven't had the opportunity to take a picture of this behaviour I am constantly on the look out for this species in the hopes that I can share it with you here.